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Ruby Kyanite

Ruby Kyanite

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Ruby Kyanite is a combination of red Ruby and blue Kyanite. Ruby is UV reactive, under black light as shown in picture it will glow! t can increase one's Life Force, courage, passion and strength.

It stimulates intuition, psychic abilities, the awareness of the wisdom of dreams, and one's ability to navigate in the spiritual realms. It facilitates expanded awareness and spiritual sensitivity, while enhancing courage, strength and sense of adventure. It stimulates the root chakra and the third eye, enhancing visionary awareness as well as physical vitality and Life Force.

Ruby Kyanite helps one integrate high spiritual energies into the physical body, and to "walk the talk" of one's spiritual life in the everyday world.

Ruby Kyanite increases one's passion while helping maintain an enhanced sensitivity. It is an ideal stone for lovers, or to give to someone to whom one is attracted. In everyday life, it can increase vitality, allowing one to work long hours without exhaustion. It stimulates inspiration and insight, revealing new visions of one's purpose and potential. In self-healing, Ruby Kyanite supports the brain, spinal cord, sexual organs, bowels and intestines.

Ruby Kyanite harmonizes with Blue Sapphire, Cuprite, Zincite, Rose Quartz, Morganite, Moldavite, Phenacite, Ruby Fuchsite and Azeztulite.

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