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Angel Phantom Quartz

Angel Phantom Quartz

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ANCEL PHANTOM QUARTZ, also known as Amphibole Quart, is among the most dramatic-looking of the many types of Quartz crystals with inclusions of other minerals. The Amphibole group includes such minerals as Tremolite, Actinolite, Hornblende, Riebeckite, and Richterite. The abundant white, yellow and red-orange inclusions in Angel Phantom Quartz can consist of one or more of these.

Angel Phantoms emanate the soft, sweet, powerful energies of the angelic realm. These crystals resonate with the higher mind centers, including the third eye and crown chakras. Touching the forehead with the tip of one of these crystals sends a stream of fine vibrations into the third eye and up through the crown, linking and activating both of these important energy centers. The awakening of the "thousand-petaled lotus, the fully activated crown chakra, is possible with these stones. Angel Phantom Quartz can facilitate the manifestation of one's Higher Self. Putting an Angel Phantom under one's pillow engenders sweet dreams. Carrying it in one's pocket can bring a sense of joy, kindness, and well-being throughout the day. Meditating with one can open the inner doors to expanded awareness. Using an Angel Phantom in a crystal body layout will cleanse and purify the physical and etheric bodies.

Angel Phantom Quartz works especially well with Seraphinite, Phenacite, Angelite, Herderite, Angel Wing Anhydrite, and all types of Azeztulite.


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